Holiday in Namibia

Holiday in Namibia

The Klipkop Farm near the Waterberg is one of the oldest and most traditional hunting farms in Namibia.



The KLIPKOP means romantic and fair hunting to our friends from around the world and represents at the same time the hunting tradition of our German ancestry.

Farm Klipkop

Farm Klipkop

The Klipkop Farm offers you a wide spectrum of African game.
Carnivore hunting

Carnivore hunting

Carnivore hunting The carnivore hunting at KLIPKOP holds a bunch of opportunities for leopards, cheetahs, bobcats and jackals in freedom, not on the bait!

Visit us on the fair - next dates

  • Die JAGD & HUND Dortmund ist Europas größte Jagdmesse – Dortmund (Germany) - 30.01.2018 bis 04.02.2018
  • FISCHEN JAGEN SCHIESSEN 2018 - Bern (Switzerland) - 15.02. bis 18.02.2018 BERNEXPO-Gelände
  • Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei Salzburg ist eine internationale Messe für Jagd, Fischerei, Abenteuer Natur & Reisen - Salzburg (Austria) - 22.02. bis 25.02.2018

The Klipkop Farm at the Waterberg

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The Klipkop Farm


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